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Wancket Studios offers a gift alternative that tugs at the heart strings not an extension cord


You didn’t quite find everything you were looking for on Black Friday? Now, you’re doing a little catch up on Cyber Monday? Maybe there is an alternative to the iPods and Driods, X-Boxs and Wiis; LCDs, LED-LCDs and Plasmas. Maybe you should consider a gift that’s won’t virtually achieve obsolescence before it’s unwrapped for the holiday.

For that loved one who just isn’t as excited about the latest version of Sonic Mario Doom video game, one gift that will earn an instant place in the heart where it will remain secure for years to come is a portrait. In the case of renowned artist Audrey Wancket, of Spring Grove based Wancket Studios, this won’t require a subject to pose for hours on end since the medium where Wancket excels is photography.

“Quality portraits have the ability to tug at the heart strings,” Wancket said. “Even a child will grow tired of a video game after a while. But, a portrait is something that grows dearer with time.”

Wancket, who was awarded Photographer of the Year by the Professional Photographers of America for 2011, is renowned for her portraits that have a brush-stroke like quality reminiscent of the great masters. With an unsurpassed attention to detail, she demands of herself ever higher levels of quality.

For Wancket, success isn’t merely achieved when a client indicates their satisfied with her work; success is achieved when she touches their souls.

“I can’t think of another gift that’s more likely to surprise and thrill someone than a fine portrait,” said Wancket. “A portrait will adorn their walls for years to come but it will live in the heart even longer.”

For more information about Wancket Studios, visit or call 847.587.3350.

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