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Tireless WHS Executive Director Patti Van Cleave Readies the Gala home

A Busy Season for the Winnetka Historical Society

Sometimes keeping up with history keeps you awfully busy! After opening its new exhibit about the turbulent years of the Progressive Era (colorfully titled "Loosen … Read more ›

457 Ash Street in an earlier era

"Not a Home to Be MIssed:" The 2012 Winnetka HIstorical Society Gala

Join us for the Winnetka Historical Society's 2012 Gala! Eat, drink and enjoy live Jazz music at one of Winnetka's most elegant historic homes. Located … Read more ›

Winnetka Historical Society Annual Meeting Regretting Mr. Wright: Mamah Tells Her Own Story

Little Mary Pickford–A Film Anthology at the Winnetka Historical Society

Winnetka Historical Society Great Gatsby Gala


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