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Rockin' for Rescue

Kay McKeen with her Super Crayons

Super Crayons are recycling at its best

My parents were born during The Great Depression, so nothing—and I mean nothing—was ever wasted in our household. Seemingly empty ketchup bottles were rinsed with … Read more ›

Pups & Pinot: Flight 112 will donate 20% of sales to Great Lakes Lab Rescue


Secret pals bring big smiles to seniors

If you’re anything like me, every now and again you’ll feel a yearning inside, wishing you could find some time in your life for volunteering. … Read more ›

Pam Entwistle and Harley volunteer for the R.E.A.D. program

Elmhurst Cupids Spread Love Through Volunteering

Everyone knows Chicago is the City of Big Shoulders. A lesser-known fact may be that Elmhurst is the City of Big Hearts. OK, I made … Read more ›


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  1. Melody, great story! I happened to be at Saban’s as well and caught the show! What fun! I look forward their Agust show in Elmhurst!

    Posted to Music & Memories of the 60's - Elmhurst