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McHenry County's Green Infrastructure – a Legacy of Private Land

“Green infrastructure" – as opposed to traditional built infrastucture like roads – includes the living systems like wetlands and woodlands that provide essential support to … Read more ›

Callery Pear infestation in a natural area (Photo from Bugwood Wiki, University of Georgia)
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Invasive Ornamental Plants Pose Threat for Native Wildlife

In winter we dream of spring. We peruse garden catalogs for beautiful plants to adorn our homes. When late spring arrives and the danger of … Read more ›

Zebra mussels are an aquatic invasives species that has been problematic in the Great Lakes region since the 1990's.  (Photo from WI IDNR)
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Aquatic Invasive Species Found at a Lake Near You

Asian carp. Zebra and quagga mussels. Brazilian elodea and Eurasian watermilfoil. Their names read like a list of recent headlines. All of these aquatic animals … Read more ›

This Woodstock wetland absorbs and cleans stormwater while enhancing property values and providing habitat for wildlife.
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Green Infrastructure: the Living Backbone of our Communities

The word infrastructure brings to mind roads, power lines, sewers and other built systems that support the human population. But there is also a natural, … Read more ›

Saturday night is prime time for Lyrids meteoroid watching

Saturday night promises to be cold, a little damp and dark — a great night to be outdoors, if you’re a stargazer. The hours from … Read more ›

A tag on an ash tree in Lake in the Hills signals the infestation of the emerald ash borer. (Lawerence Synett/Tribune)

Emerald ash borer infestation spikes in McHenry County, state

An infestation of emerald ash borer continues to ravage McHenry County, destroying thousands of ash trees with seemingly no end in sight. The tree-killer has … Read more ›

Darius Kidd, a trainer at Ringwood based Aldens Kennels, takes one of the guests for a walk. Walks at Aldens are a special treat considering the close proximity to Glacial Park Nature Preserve.
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Dogs agree, Aldens Kennels, on edge of McHenry County’s glacial park, is perfect setting for K9 fun and relaxation

Glacial Park Nature Preserve in McHenry County offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature. The 3,273-acre park was carved out by the glaciers during … Read more ›

Dandelions are creeping up in lawns all over suburbia. (Sheryl DeVore/Tribune)

The lowly dandelion: It’s got some good points

Dandelions are cropping up in lawns all over suburbia and the city–and that’s got homeowners screaming as it usually does this time of year. Some … Read more ›

Spotted Sandpiper near Woodstock
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Hackmatack NWR Becoming a Reality

The proposed Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge just took one step closer to becoming a reality when the US Fish & Wildlife Service released an Assessment … Read more ›

A chorus frog is no larger than a thumb when fully grown. (Sheryl DeVore/Tribune)

Chorus frogs signal spring

It’s no bigger than your thumb, but its song can resonate across the marshes.  In fact, when a group of these amphibians called chorus frogs … Read more ›