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Employee’s bag with $11,450 reported stolen at Walgreens

A plastic bag with more than $11,000 was reported stolen from a Walgreens pharmacy in Northfield.

The bag’s owner, a Walgreens cashier, said she keeps two wallets inside it while she’s at work — one wallet for credit cards and another for cash. After taking the bags from underneath her cash register to the store’s break room on April 27 to eat lunch, the woman told police she accidentally grabbed a different Walgreens bag when she returned to work.

She didn’t realize she was missing her two wallets until she returned home that evening, according to a police report. The woman went back to the Walgreens, 1825 Willow Road, and searched the break room, her vehicle and the dumpster behind the store, to no avail.

The woman told police she doesn’t take her purse to work because it’s too large to keep underneath the counter where she works, so she transfers her wallets to a plastic bag, according to the report.

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