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From the community

International bullying expert to address local parents-FREE bully prevention seminar

Bullying expert Derek Randel will be addressing bullying survival and prevention and the important issues surrounding severe school bullying. This FREE secession is courtesy of … Read more ›

From the community

SnowCare for Troops Seeks Volunteers and Military Families

With several more weeks of winter on the horizon, volunteers and military families are urged to sign up for Project EverGreen’s SnowCare for Troops, a … Read more ›

From the community

Neighborhood Toy Store Day

Don’t miss the great events at Becky & Me for Neighborhood Toy Store Day Weekend! Here’s the schedule: Friday, November 11 at 4:00 at our … Read more ›

From the community

It's Not Too Late to Sign Up for Preschool

The early childhood years are a formative time of development. Now is the time to invest in your child's future by enrolling them in a … Read more ›