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Bobblehead Dad: Be a Better Dad Today

Photo Courtesy of Gregory Slayton

Photo Courtesy of Gregory Slayton

Not a day goes by that I don't get to hang out with a dad who inspires me. Yesterday, I was able to spend some time with my friend, Gregory. He's a dad of four kids. And he's doing some pretty neat things in his daily commitment to be a better dad. I think you'd like him.

He's a dad probably like you and me. He's stretched with commitments. He makes mistakes. He's had some pretty tough times in his own life as a kid. No doubt, you can all relate to many of his stories. He's also a former U.S. Ambassador (I kid you not – and bonus points to those of you who can relate to that) and has had his smiling mug on the cover of "Time" magazine (triple bonus points for that!).

But at the beginning and end of each day, he is a family man.

When we hung out yesterday, 90% of our discussions were about fatherhood. We talked about this incredible new generation of men who are comfortable being engaged and involved dads. We talked about hope and optimism for families in our country.

And we also talked about a big hole that still exists – in spite of these positive aspects.

Did you know that one of three children in our country are being raised without the presence of their biological father? Did you know that those kids are at elevated risk of drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, and teenage delinquency? And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Gregory's decided to take his personal commitment to be a better dad to a national level with the publication of his new book, "Be a Better Dad Today! 10 Tools Every Father Needs." Gregory (Slayton) speaks from the heart in this book – giving the world a peak into his personal life as he blend humor and personal stories into a practical guide on how to be a better father.

I consider myself a pretty good dad. I bet you do, too.

But I can always be better. That's why I'm joining Gregory's challenge to men across the country.

I'm going to be a better dad.

Find out why Gregory is donating 100% of the book proceeds to charities as well as learn more about "Be a Better Dad Today!" at


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