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Pat From Wilmette: "She's A Brick, House"

Pat Brickhouse - Hey-Hey! - "She's A Brick, House"

Pat Brickhouse - Hey-Hey! - "She's A Brick, House"

Her name is Pat and "She's A Brick, House" according to that hit song by the Commodores. Pat Brickhouse is a former Wilmettian who'll be watching the Cubs home opener on Opening Day this Thursday from a cabana, but not in Wrigley Field, it's in the new upscale "Deuces + The Diamond Club" a half block south of Wrigley on Clark.

Pat says "New year, new season, new club." Pat also says she likes to stay busy and she'll be entertaining clients for the club. Then she reveals it's also her birthday and maybe that's the real reason for her extra excitement this year. According to Pat, this is only the second time in her lifetime that the home opener/opening day falls on her birthday. Pat politely declines to say which birthday, preferring to remind people that "age is just a number and a lady never tells and a gentleman never asks." (Question withdrawn)

Pat has been in & around Wrigley Field – and Wilmette – for decades. Pat is the widow of legendary Wilmettian Jack Brickhouse – the sports announcer whose broadcasts included Cubs, White Sox, Bears & Bulls. Jack is in the Baseball Hall of Fame and the American Sportscasters Association Hall of Fame.

Pat & Jack both lived in Wilmette twice. Before they knew each other they lived near Regina Dominican High School, but on opposite sides of Lake St. (Pat says she lived by Ramona Road and she was a crossing guard for Regina) After Pat & Jack married they again chose Wilmette.

Pat mentions that aside from having Wilmette and the Cubs in common with the local Ricketts family – owners of the Cubs – they also are all originally from Omaha, Nebraska.

Back to the Cubs, Pat likes to mention a great quote by Jack Brickhouse: "It should be an unwritten law that every team should win their home opener."

The Cubs 2012 season starts this Thursday afternoon at Wrigley Field and also at the "Deuces + The Diamond Club" where Pat will be working and celebrating her birthday in an open cabana on the outdoor patio.

Pat Brickhouse is very friendly and likes to talk to everybody. Look for the lady in a Cubs jersey who's surrounded by the fans & the famous…and possibly a big birthday cake that says "She's A Brick, House."

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