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Gillson beach fence suggestions

Wow, am I thankful that we don't have anyone like Daniel Burnham here in Wilmette! Nothing should prevent the Park District Board members from their twin goals of revenue and security enhancement at Gillson Beach. My concern is that perhaps the Board proposal doesn't go far enough with their extension of the beautiful black metal fence along the dune line. While maintaining the spirit and intent of their original proposal, I have three alternative suggestions for consideration which I believe will do more to secure the beach and to ensure that everyone that uses it pays for the privilege:

Option one: The dog beach is a revenue source the Board members may have overlooked. I suggest that they fence off the entire beach from the water treatment plant to the harbor with a double line of fences on the dunes spaced about 10 feet apart. Then let dog owners run their dogs in the space between the fences. That way we expand the beach area for paying customers and the dog owners provide an additional layer of no-cost security.

Option two: Deputize and arm the New Trier crew team. Have them patrol the beachfront and perform ID checks on anyone in the water. They get the exercise, we get the security! The addition of submarine nets and chains across the harbor should also be considered.

Option three: Narc on Your Neighbor!
Put into place a bounty system whereby beach users are paid to inform on anyone that has not paid to use the beach. Raise the fine to pay each informant $5 for every person they turn in that is successfully prosecuted. If the Board selects this option they may wish to consider an additional step. Train paying beach users quickly and inexpensively on how to detain non-payers using video copies of old Andy Griffith Shows. That way we could have Gomer Pyle type deputies on the beach at all times prepared to yell "Citizen's arrest! Citizen's arrest!".

Whatever you believe is right for the beach area, please take the time to email the Park District board members to let them know what you feel is the best solution!

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