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Normal Moments Launches Its 4rd Annual Adopt-a-Family Holiday Program

Volunteer Courtney Cronin Delivers Gifts to the Kohl's House

Volunteer Courtney Cronin Delivers Gifts to the Kohl's House

Holidays can be a mixed blessing while living with a medically complex or critically ill child. The opportunity to spend time as a family is always treasured, but when finances are depleted from long-term medical bills and often jobs lost to extended hospital stays, the season also offer many challenges. Of all the kids in all the world, these children who spend too much time in emergency rooms and intensive care units, and their brothers & sisters who get lost shuffle, deserve the best of what the holidays have to offer, but it is only through the support of the community that many of these families are able to give their children even close to what they deserve. This is your opportunity to help.

Normal Moments is very grateful to Dr. Jeffs Foundation and the Illinois Back Institute for providing Thanksgiving meals for Normal Moments families for the second year. We are also happy for the community support needed to offer our “Adopt-a-Family” program for the fourth year in a row. Company “Giving Trees” were started last year at PNC Mortgage Group in Lisle and Laneville Family Chiropractic in Willowbrook, who will both continue this tradition. The wish-list items for each family supported are written on paper ornaments and when employees or practice-members commit to purchasing an item, the paper ornament is replaced with a decorative ornament, creating a physical representation of the beauty of this true spirit of the holidays. Gifts are then gathered under the tree until they can be delivered to the Normal Moments family, sometimes including the decorated tree. The brand new location of The Dailey Method in St. Charles has also already committed to putting up a Giving Tree. This is a great way for businesses to get involved in a fantastic holiday program that draws employees together and drives a passionate spirit within the office.

Individuals and families, however, are generally the staple of this program – parents who want to share the concept of genuine giving with their children, those who use this as an opportunity to be grateful for their own and their family’s health and well-being, and anyone who just wants to do something very special for those who deserve the help. Whether you are able to offer a single gift, help one child, or adopt a family, the assistance is greatly appreciated. Wish lists are available for anyone interested in adopting and gift certificates to popular stores such as Best Buy, Amazon, Apple, department stores, and grocery stores are always appreciated. Wish lists are provided as a guideline, not a requirement, for shopping. Some adopters choose to deliver gifts on their own, however delivery can be arranged. Delivery volunteers are also appreciated.

Individuals, families, and businesses are invited to visit to sign up to participate in this year’s holiday program. A Normal Moments volunteer will follow up on each submission. If you know a family who would benefit from Normal Moments services (any family with a critically ill and/or medically complex child under the age of 18 qualifies for services), please ask the family to email with details of their situation so that they can participate as well.

As always, Normal Moments is grateful to the community and to all the NM volunteers for the service they provide to our families in need. More information about Normal Moments and the services provided can be found at or by calling 630.888.8111.

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