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Crime and police

911 Call reported a loose Kangaroo, it may have looked like this
From the community

Kenilworth Kangaroo eludes Police

Kenilworth Police "hopped" into action on a recent Thursday night looking for a kangaroo on the loose. According to the Trib-Local crime blotter, April 30, … Read more › 1 comment

Man charged with aiming video camera under skirt of teen

Police said a 60-year-old Hanover Park man aimed a camera under the skirt of a teen girl who was shopping at the Wheeling Wal-Mart. Dana … Read more ›

Manhunt underway for ‘armed and extremely dangerous’ murder suspect

A murder warrant has been issued for a Wheeling man suspected of fatally shooting a maintenance worker last weekend near Arlington Heights. Vidal Rodriguez, 20, … Read more ›

Alleged gang member charged with selling guns to undercover agent

A Wheeling man who authorities called a gang member has been charged with illegally selling two handguns to a federal undercover agent. Bond for Saul … Read more ›

Lamborghini versus video camera = YouTube sensation

The driver of a Lamborghini caught on video in a Wheeling fender-bender on May 13 got a lot more “hits” than dents after the video … Read more ›

Wheeling liquor violations draw fines

Two Wheeling restaurants were fined for serving alcohol to minors even after both had received letters warning that Wheeling police would be testing the ability … Read more ›

Gang member charged with assaulting neighbors with loaded gun

A known gang member allegedly used a loaded gun to threatened three people  standing in a parking lot outside his Wheeling home before fleeing the … Read more ›

A driver uses a cellphone in Evanston in 2010. (Chris Walker, Chicago Tribune)

Ban on cell use while driving could go statewide

Drivers throughout Illinois would not be able to use hand-held cell phones when behind the wheel under a measure making its way through the Illinois … Read more ›

On Wednesday in Waukegan, Rodney Fernandes and his wife, Lyemia, attend the funeral for her sister, Lyvita Gomes, who died after a hunger strike while in the Lake County Jail. ( Chris Walker, Chicago Tribune / February 1, 2012 )

Funeral is held for inmate who died after hunger strike in Lake County Jail

Hundreds of people turned out at funeral services Wednesday for Lyvita Gomes, a native of India who died after a hunger strike in Lake County … Read more ›

Lake County sting found just a few selling alcohol to minors

A countywide sting targeting stores and restaurants selling alcohol to underage customers in Lake County over the holidays found 12 violations. “Our desire is to … Read more ›