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SOLEX College Receives Approval from the Department of Education to Offer Federal Student Financial Aid


On June 11, 2010 SOLEX College received approval from the United States Department of Education to award student financial aid for eligible degree and certificate programs.  

Federal student financial aid helps students pay for educational expenses at an approved postsecondary school.  Four programs at SOLEX College are eligible for these funds:  the Associate of Applied Science in Accounting degree program, the Computerized Accounting and Bookkeeping career program, the Medical Assistant career program, and the Intensive English program. These programs are designed for people who are interested in starting a new career either because there are no jobs available in their current fields, they are looking for a change, or are just getting started in the professional world. 

Student financial aid is available to those who qualify in the form of grants or loans and the amount awarded is based on a student’s financial need.  A grant is money that the student usually does not have to pay back whereas loans do need to be paid back once the student has completed their program of study. 

Prospective students must meet specific requirements to be eligible for financial aid.  Students must be a citizen or eligible noncitizen of the United States, demonstrate financial need, and be admitted and enrolled in an eligible program.

“The benefit of federal student aid is that even more people in our community have access to our programs and instructors, and we are happy to welcome them. Being granted this authority reinforces the fact that we have met a high standard of education, a standard of which we are proud,” says Leon E. Linton, President of SOLEX College.

SOLEX College, founded in 1995, is accredited by ACICS and is a growing educational institution.  Receiving approval to award federal financial aid is just one of the many milestones that SOLEX College hopes to achieve.  With the anticipation of program expansion and increased community outreach, SOLEX hopes to become an active member of the local community and the educational institution of choice its members.

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