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gardening #13
From the community

Grow Happy Memories (& Good Food!) in a Family Garden

Growing a vegetable garden and making it a family activity has many benefits: it’s eco-friendly, you save money on food, homegrown vegetables have more flavor … Read more ›

frisbee #4
From the community

Fun for All: Flying Disc (Frisbee) Games

We all know how to toss a flying disc (aka “Frisbee”) back and forth, but why not step it up a notch and engage in … Read more ›

frisbee #6
From the community

Flying Disc Family Fun

When you think about it, it’s just about perfect. It’s round; it travels a long way, often in an unexpected, silly manner; it’s inexpensive; it … Read more ›

From the community

Why Should Kids Read Every Day? Let's Do the Math

Student A reads 20 minutes five nights every weekStudent B reads only 5 minutes a night (or not at all)20 minutes/night x 5 times each … Read more ›


Top 10 things to do this weekend

Concert to Benefit DuPage Habitat for Humanity’s First Ever Women Build Initiative DuPage Habitat for Humanity, a local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, will … Read more ›

Equestrian performances are just some of the activites planned for the May 26 "Family Field Day at St. James Farm."
From the community

Forest Preserve District Announces "Family Field Day" Program Lineup

Celebrate DuPage County’s cultural heritage and natural history at “Family Field Day at St. James Farm” at St. James Farm Forest Preserve in Warrenville on … Read more ›


Top 10 things to do this weekend

Jeopardy, The Rallye A low-pressure road rallye where you play Jeopardy as you travel the shortcourse. Not a lot of hard rallye gimmicks, but a … Read more ›

St. Matthew's Children's Choir
From the community

Children's Musical

On Sunday, May 13th, the children of St Matthew U. C. C. presented a musical “The Beauty of Spring” written by Mary Jane Schnack. Mary … Read more ›

bike family #4
From the community

Tips for Bike Riding Safely as a Family

It’s a gorgeous day; time for a family bike ride! Riding bikes in groups can be a lot of fun (not to mention great exercise), … Read more ›

Bike Rodeo 2012
From the community

Kids Invited to Warrenville's 7th Annual Bike Rodeo

Kids can test their bike-riding skills on a specially designed Bike Rodeo course at the FREE 7th Annual Warrenville Bike Rodeo this Saturday, May 19. … Read more ›