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Once Upon A Teen Mom

Teen Parent Connection Launches Campaign to Engage Former Teen Moms, Empower Young Mothers

Current Teen Parent Connection participant Emily Marsden recalls her high school experience when she found out she was pregnant at 17: “I was overwhelmed, scared, and felt alone…I hated going to school because people were staring at me, gossiping about me, and everyone knew who I was – but not for the reasons I ever hoped for.”

Becoming a young mother is no fairytale. But Teen Parent Connection’s Executive Director Becky Beilfuss has decided to help young mothers find their way to a happy ending.

On Wednesday, May 2nd, she and a group of former teen mothers will launch a campaign called Once Upon A Teen Mom: 100 Women Helping Rewrite the Teen Mom Story. Modeled after community-level “100 Women Who Care” groups, Once Upon A Teen Mom seeks to gather together 100 former teen mothers who pledge to raise or donate $100 to support the work of Teen Parent Connection. When member resources are pooled, the group will have at least $10,000 annually to support the organization’s Family Strengthening Programs.

In addition to providing monetary support, the goals of the Once Upon A Teen Mom Group are to help reposition not only how society views teen mothers, but how teen mothers view themselves.

“This group wants to change the stereotype, change the lens through which people see young moms. And even more than that,” Beilfuss says, “we want young mothers to hear a different message – a message of hope and success.”

Beilfuss believes that with support, young mothers can hear this message and become empowered to be strong women and good parents. And she should know. As a parent at 16, Beilfuss struggled with, and overcame, barriers to raising a healthy family and finding success.

Now leading the programs and staff of Teen Parent Connection, an agency whose mission is to prevent teenage pregnancy and empower young families towards self sufficiency, it seems only natural this group should grow from her agency’s vision.

“One hundred women helping rewrite the Teen Mom Story. Women who were told they couldn’t make it, they wouldn’t survive. And yet overcame the odds to become successful attorneys, marketing directors, teachers…and successful mothers.

To me, that is better than the fairytale.”
If you are a former teen mother and would like to join Once Upon A Teen Mom OR would like to sponsor a teen mother’s membership with a $100 gift, please contact Executive Director, Becky Beilfuss at or 630.790.8433 x 282.

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