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The Wheaton Park District Silvertones Chorus Performs

The Wheaton Park District Silvertones Chorus held 2 sold out shows May 2 and third at the Community Center. Rehearsing "Moments to Remember" for several weeks, the audience gave standing ovations to the chorus after giving over 60 minutes of no stop toe tapping music and dance.
The Silvertones recall the songs they sang and listened to during the WWII era, songs that got them through their teen years and first love. These melodies were broadcast to our soldiers around the world. Songs like "Der Furher's Face and "Comin' In on a Wing and a Prayer," did much to lift the hearts and humor of GI’s serving their country. Enjoy a wonderful selection of songs from that era, including "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree," "Sentimental Journey," "Ac-Cent-Tuate the Positive," and many more. The American people and the American government both had the same dream–world peace. Music was a major source of comfort for everyone during this time, and the Silvertones delight in recreating these magical song moments for you.
The show included special guest performance by The Step In Time Dancers
If you know of someone who might benefit joining this group or having them perform at your event, contact Linda Dolan, Wheaton Park District Leisure Center, 208 W. Union. Or, please call the Leisure Center at 630.665.1415.
photo: Steven Merkel

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