DuPage County District 4 Elected Officials Host Remap Forum

DuPage County District 4 Board Members Debra Olson, Grant Eckoff and JR McBride joined the Wheaton League of Women Voters in their first redistricting meeting at the DuPage County Historical Museum. District 4 Board Members told the more than 25 constituents who attended that their goal is to keep the district lines fair and balanced. District 4 Board Members need to figure how to add 2,384 people to their section of the DuPage County map. They are hopeful by the end of May the new map will be done. According to the Committee, the County Board, by law, must draw equally apportioned districts. Each of the six districts in the state’s second biggest county must be drawn so that 152,821 people live in each. Olson will discuss the changes in the County and District 4 population measured by the 2010 Census.

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