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Momma Cuisine at WGN Midday News for the Lunchbreak segment.
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Momma Cuisine: Visiting WGN Midday News

Last Wednesday April 11, 2012, I was a guest on the WGN Midday News Lunchbreak segment with anchor Dina Biar, showcasing some of my Great … Read more ›

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Obama is unprecedented in setting precedents as Federal Appeals Court orders explanation

Let me get this straight, President Barack Obama thinks it would be unprecedented for the Supreme Court to find a law unconstitutional, right? In particular, … Read more ›

Back Talk: Talkin’ ’bout my generation

TribLocal and The Mash, the Chicago Tribune’s weekly newspaper and website serving teenagers in the city and suburbs, recently asked area high school students about … Read more ›

coach boatright
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More is More Mom: Chicago Tribune's Triblocal Charity of Choice….the Aurora Flyers!

As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about…….more Chicago Tribune’s Triblocal Charity of Choice contest! I was sooooo excited this weekend; I was scrolling … Read more ›

Leo Kirwan, chairman of the board of directors for the Evanston-based Over the Rainbow Association, sits in front of the association's Hill-Arboretum apartment complex in Evanston.
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Op-Ed: Increasing Disabled Housing While Decreasing State’s Debt

By Leo Kirwan When you hear Illinois state budget, what’s the first word that comes to mind? Over-extended? Disastrous? Crisis? What if our State could … Read more ›

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A Food Desert in Lake County

With the arrival of Mariano's in Vernon Hills I am reminded of the food desert in other parts of Lake County where some communities don't … Read more ›

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A new grocery store (Marianos) opened up last week in Vernon Hills. It’s an upscale grocery with affordable prices. They will even grill your fresh … Read more ›

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Health Care For All

Comprehensive, universal health care for all Illinoisans doesn’t need to mean higher taxes and more spending.With a looming $2 billion deficit in the state budget, … Read more ›

From left to Right:  U.S. Representative Robert Dold and Leonard Mogul, Principal & Marketing Strategy Director, Simo Design
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Representative Dold goes back to the 10th District for some townhall talk with small business owners

It’s not often a political issue will rile me up enough to go to a townhall event. However, after learning last week Representative Robert Dold … Read more ›

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Governor Quinn Must Not Slash Funding For Sexual Abuse Treatment and Prevention

From Toren Flink, Executive Director of Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center in Gurnee. This letter was recently sent to Illinois Governor Pat Quinn after ZCenter received … Read more ›