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Jennifer Otterson took this close-up of an early blooming daffodil.

Early bloomers: Spring flowers ahead of schedule

A Woodridge resident captures the sun illuminating a barren landscape in the fall. (Photo submitted by Joe Durling)

The changing colors of Fall

A family of Mute Swans in a channel off of Channel Lake
From the community

Swan Song …

New England aster is one of the last native flowers to bloom in northern Illinois before winter sets in. (Sheryl DeVore/Tribune)

Natural moments: October color

He sure looks hungry!
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Friends in our backyard

Irowneed, goldenrod and boneset bloom together. (Sheryl DeVore/Tribune)

Portrait: Autumn prairie flowers

Volunteers toss food to the chickens at the Prairie Crossing Learning Farm in Grayslake. (Sheryl DeVore/Tribune)

Down on the farm with the chickens

Black-eyed susans proliferate this time of year. (Sheryl DeVore/Tribune)

Garden of sunshine in late summer

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