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Candy and flowers last for a season but, for Mother's Day, nothing says "I love you, mom," longer than a family portrait


Well, there are always chocolates and flowers, right? Mom seems to appreciate them. Of course, she'd say she loves them anyhow. It's the thought that counts, and the time you spend with her.

All this is probably true but, sometimes, it may leave you feeling as though you've taken the easy way out – just order some flowers and take mom out for dinner. Besides, if you decided to do something more what would do?

Remember the part above where we spoke of how much mom appreciates the time you spend with her? Why not give her something to remember that time by. How about a portrait? But, not just any portrait: it has to be as special as she is. Around Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin there's no better option when it comes to portrait photography than Wancket Studios.

Audrey Wancket, owner of the Spring Grove based studio, is internationally renowned for her amazing gift with a camera. Wancket's works have an oil-painting-like look to them that will leave your friends wondering if it was the work of a master painter.

At Wancket Studios, the portrait sitting is short and painless. In fact, with due preparation before her clients arrive, Wancket makes the portrait sessions downright enjoyable.

So, if you're looking for an alternative to flowers and candy, or if you've decided to give mom something with the flowers and candy, something she'll appreciate for years to come, a family portrait is an excellent option. And, when it comes to portraits, you can't do better than Wancket Studios.

Even if mom lives miles away, sending a portrait of the ones she loves is an excellent way to tell her how much you care.

To learn more about Wancket Studios, call 847-587-3350 or visit

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