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The World's Cutest Portrait Sessions to start this month

wancket_baby chick

When you take the incredible cuteness of a child and put it together with the wild cuteness of a baby duck or chick and combine the two in the presence of world renowned portrait photographer Audrey Wancket the outcome is right off the cuteness scale. In fact, you can easily call them The World's Cutest Portrait Sessions.

That's why, every Spring for the last 20 years, Wancket, of Spring Grove based Wancket Studios, offers a Limited Edition opportunity for moms and dads to bring in the little ones for portrait sessions of the incredibly cute variety.

"It's a Limited Edition session that only lasts about one week," Wancket said. "The ducks and chicks begin to replace their baby feathers with adult feathers after about 7 days. They don't look good for a while."

Wancket said she originally used bunnies and lambs. Then she started working with baby ducks.

"One year, I received a call from the feed mill that my turkeys are in," she said. "They made a mistake and they didn't have ducks.

"I went to the feed mill and said, 'I need something cute. Turkeys are not cute."

As an alternative, the feed mill eventually called an egg farmer and asked if he would allow Wancket to incubate and keep some chicks for about a week. That year, she realized the chicks are actually a little easier to work with and they still ooze with cuteness.

Wancket said she uses two assistants for the portrait sessions: one to work with the ducks or chicks and the other to work with the children.

"It's wonderful to see how delighted the children are with the chicks," Wancket said. "Not only do we end up with the absolute sweetest Spring portraits, but the children have a positive memorable experience."

Wancket said she now picks between ducks and chicks based on which looks the cutest, and are a little calmer, when she picks them up. After the portrait sessions, she turns them over to an egg farmer where they start producing more ducks and chicks for the next year.

This year, The World's Cutest Portrait Sessions start April 18 and continue through April 24. For more information call 847-587-3350 or visit .

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