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A new grocery store (Marianos) opened up last week in Vernon Hills.

It’s an upscale grocery with affordable prices. They will even grill your fresh fish and meats while you wait or shop free of charge. This can be a real time saver when you are working late and don’t have time to prepare a hot meal for the family.

I had some grilled mahi mahi which was delicious.

When you visit the fish department you will be able to determine when the fish was caught and shipped to the store.

They have a coffee/gelato bar/soup and salad bar with a lot of organic fruits and vegetables. You can even purchase deli meats without the nitrates, hormones, antibiotics, etc. The name of the brand is Dietz and Watson.

The emplyees are so nice. I met two of them that I now consider friends Trish and Bob. Trish works in the deli and Bob works the meat counter. Please stop by and say hello to them, they will provide service with a smile.

It’s a wonderful store and they even have an in store dietician. There is a computer located outside the
pharmacy and you can print out recipes, health tips and more.

I absolutely love the fruits and vegetables that they sell. They have a lot of unique produce from other countries that appeal to a diverse market.

Their motto is Shop Well, Eat Well and Live Well

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