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Prasino's – Feel Good About Eating (Green)

Prasino's Chicken Pot Pie - drizzled with truffle oil

Prasino's Chicken Pot Pie - drizzled with truffle oil

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Vegan friendly, gluten free and eco-friendly are food trends that are finally permeating into the suburbs of Chicago – Prasino’s in St. Charles is the epitome of this concept offering an earthy dinning ambiance, beautiful food and friendly service (kid friendly too!). Prasino’s = the Greek word for “Green”.
When you walk in, you’ll be immediately taken by the décor – rich wooden wall decor, natural linens and unique light fixtures (which by the way, are made from cardboard boxes). the idea that most everything in the restaurant has been repurposed really took to me – and reminds me of another restaurant in the city – Simone’s Bar – which had a similar inspiration. At Prasino’s, the former Chicago Sportsman Park in Cicero was given new life – the timbers were used to create their beautiful tables, floors and cabinet fixtures.

The food is also beautiful in both form and thought – sourcing local organic and artisanal ingredients created in an energy efficient kitchen. Water is purified (and extremely neutral tasting and thirst quenching) using the Natura system in both sparkling and still. This $5,000 purifying machine is certainly worth it!

We went for brunch and I immediately went for the lunch selections as I had already had my breakfast hours ago (with baby, you’re up at 6am or earlier!). I was expecting super healthful choices like egg white omelettes and kale salads – given that this seemed like the tree-hugger, low-cal style of restaurant but I was surprised with the offerings. The lamb sandwich with cilantro dressing, avocados, feta sounded really good to me and my husband of course, always looking for comfort food, went for the chicken pot pie. Usually we would have ordered an appetizer to share but since we’re saving for our Hawaii vacation, we opted to only have an entrée each. When we do get back, I’ll update you on that!

My lamb was super tender and flavorful – and not gamey at all. I had to order my sandwich without the feta cheese (due to my dietary intolerance) but I imagine it would have been a 5 star sandwich. The bread was coated in butter and grilled for a nice toasted flavor. On the side was their special quinoa salad which was light and had a perfect bite with a hint of cumin.

Lamb sandwich

Quinoa salad
The Chicken Pot Pie (slam hands down on the table and throw back my head) was awesome – thick roux, chunky veggies and drizzled with truffle oil – mm, finger licking delighlfully (probably not low fat) good! I could only try a small teaspoon of it as I’m certain it’s made with cream but it was great. It was served somewhat “deconstructed” with no pie crust but two pillow pieces of seasoned puff pastry. Served with a side salad lightly dressed in a oil vinegrette.

Chicken Pot Pie drizzled with truffle oil
I loved that the portions were perfect – not the insanely large sizes you typically get from a suburban restaurant. I can’t wait to go back and try all their other foods!

A perfect way to spend a warm sunny weekend afternoon – easy parking and easy to grab a seat (the restaurant is much bigger than it looks from the outside!). I will have to come back for their ½ price wine on Wednesday sometime!

I feel like the only thing missing from this sleek restaurant is an iPad to displays the menu, preventing the printing of paper and also so that their customers can filter the food selections from Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten free….something to consider!!

51 S First St
St Charles, IL 60174
(630) 908-5200

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