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Prevent Childhood Drowning: The Why and What of Swim Lessons

Dolphin Swim Club Skokie

Dolphin Swim Club Skokie

It seems today that children are all overbooked. With baseball, dance lessons, tutoring, and homework, they’re schedules can be as hectic as a CEO’s. However, with an average of 10 people drowning every day in America, it is essential that parents make room for swim lessons.
Knowing how to swim can save your child’s life. There will always be invitations to go swimming with friends, vacations near the beach or to hotel pools, and visits to Grandma’s condo where they beg her to take them swimming. Whether going for fun, exercise, or the Olympics, your child needs to know how to handle himself in the water. Safety basics (like floating and being able to get oneself back to the edge of the pool if you accidentally fall in) are essential.
Every summer a tragic story hits the news of a curious two-year old falling in a pool or pond; parents hearing the splash; and rushing to save him. Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional, injury-related death for children ages 1-14, and the number of near-fatal drowning victims left with permanent brain damage is exponentially higher. It is never too early to start instilling a respect for the water and teaching basic swimming skills. Infants are born with swimming reflexes and the ability to float easily; these amazing abilities can be guided into true swimming and an early love for and understanding of the water by the right teacher.
Swimming and visiting the pool or beach should be a highlight of your child’s summer. And so, finding the right swimming lessons is crucial. Look for a place with a welcoming environment and teachers who are comforting, fun, and knowledgeable. Swimming is a difficult skill to learn, usually taking three to four years of consistent lessons, but is well worth the time and effort put in. To make sure your child stays engaged, lessons should be fun, motivating, and taken at your child’s pace.
Professional learn-to-swim schools like the Dolphin Swim Club in Skokie swear by warm water and small classes. For the nervous child, relaxing is done much easier in warm water; for any child, focusing in cold pools meant for lap swimmers is a difficult feat. Small classes (no more than four children in a class) ensure your child will be treated as an individual learner and that the teacher can provide a safe learning environment for her small group.
Many parents follow this logic to opt for private lessons. However, the social learning that takes place in a small group is immeasurably significant. A small group fosters bonding with the teachers and other students, which may be the most important factor in getting your child excited to come to class.
Don’t delay. Studies show that children who don’t learn by the third grade will likely never learn to swim.
No child is ever completely safe or drown-proof around water, but you can take the simple step of swim lessons to make him or her safer and protect your family.

Dolphin Swim Club invites every child to try a free lesson at their club and take a free safety clinic this summer. Call #847-854-1300 to save a free spot for your child in a lesson or clinic. They are located at 9333 Skokie Blvd inside the Skokie Comfort Inn.

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