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"Ask Debbie Sue" Dating advice with author & comedian Debbie Sue Goodman


The weather has been so amazingly warm the past couple of weeks. It feels like summer out there. I’d like to thank everyone for their wonderful e-mail’s asking me how my mom is doing. She is feeling much better and getting stronger everyday!

This week I’m answering a question from my readers that I’ve been asked a few times in e-mails. What to do when you’re unsure about dating someone that is quite a few years older than you are. I remember being twenty three years old and dating a forty year old man. I asked my wonderful mom her opinion about the man I was dating. I recall what she said on the phone. The conversation went like this..

Hi Mom, “The guy I’m dating is seventeen years older then I am. We’ve been going out for almost six weeks now. I’d really like to invite him over to meet you.” My mom said it was ok and I brought him over for dinner. Afterwards, we left and I called my mom later that evening and asked her, “Did you like him?” My mom replied, “I’m not answering that question.” I said, “Why? I really want to know if you like him.” She replied, “I refuse to answer. Whenever I give you my opinion, you get upset.” I said, “No, I won’t. Really, I want to know. Do you think this guy is too old for me?” She said, “I’m not talking.” I said, “Really, Mom do you think this guy is old enough to be my father?” She replied, “No.” I said, “Oh, Good.” She said, “He’s old enough to be your GRANDFATHER!!”

Dear Debbie Sue: “I’m twenty four and dating a thirty nine year old man. My parents haven’t met him yet. But, I told them all about him. My brother thinks he’s too old for me. I’d like my family to meet him but they’re very unhappy about me dating a man much older than me. I really like him and enjoy the times we spend together. Should I break it off and make my family happy?” Unsure.

Dear Unsure: For a time in my early twenties, I was dating a much older, divorced man. I enjoyed his company. But, realized after awhile, we didn’t have a lot in common. He was the father of two teen-agers. He wasn’t interested in marriage and having more children. He was searching for companionship. We were both looking for different things. I would give your relationship a little more time. If you’re looking to start a family, discuss this with him. See if his long term interests and desires are the same as yours. If not, you’ll know in your heart the right thing to do.

Until next time.. “Keep Smiling!”

Debbie Sue
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