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Charge upgraded to felony in burglary case

Authorities have upgraded the burglary charge against a man arrested in November from a misdemeanor to a felony after the man’s fingerprints were found at the alleged crime scene, police said.

Christian Hardison, 20, of the 4800 block of Conrad Street in Skokie, had originally been charged with misdemeanor residential burglary after police said they found him with proceeds taken during a burglary in the 5300 block of Wright Terrace, according to authorities.

Police said yard equipment, cosmetics and cash were stolen during the burglary. While the victim was able to identify their stolen property, they could not identify Hardison, so officials charged with a misdemeanor instead of a felony.

But Skokie Police Officer Michael Hartnett later lifted latent fingerprints from the scene, which a database search matched to Hardison, police said.

“Checking for fingerprints is a normal part of the process, however some surfaces and some crime scenes are extremely difficult to pull fingerprints from,” said Police Officer Joe Marzigliano. “Sometimes you only get a partial fingerprint. In this case it was very difficult to pull prints, but he was able to do it.”

Marzigliano said the fingerprint evidence allowed the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office to approve the felony charge.

“It’s a huge difference,” Marzigliano said. “Obviously a felony goes with much more time. It’s a much more serious offense. Plus if he has any previous charges that will come into play as well.”


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