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Members of Elgin Community College's DJEMBE drumming club and their advisor perform a drum circle in honor of Black History Month. (Kate Thayer/Tribune)

Drumming up history

By Roy Lobenhofer. This was taken head on in order to allow the entire flower to be in focus. It was taken in very low light with a tripod and low ISO.
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Photographing Spring Flowers

The Gourd Family (From left to right - Boo, Finch, Nick & Sally) Mommy is responsible for Boo & Finch and Emma was the creator of Nick & Sally.    Submitted by Jennifer & Emma Hofmann of Lindenhurst.

Pumpkins on parade: Your gorgeous gourds

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Images around Elgin, St. Charles, Batavia, Geneva & Schaumburg

Pairs dance across the floor as their fellow students cheer them on. (Heather Leszczewicz/TribLocal)

Ballroom dancers take to the floor

Patti, left, and Harry Reinhart, the parents of former Harper student and American Idol finalist Haley Reinhart, take the stage at Harper's annual Dinner and Jazz Concert.
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Harper Offers Dinner, Jazz at 40th Annual Event

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Audiences love The Butler Didn't!

Bubbles Everywhere
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Photo-a-Day Challenge

The Fairy  Godmother's apprentice comforts Cinderella in the kitchen.
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Cinderella's Glass Slipper