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Conant High School Convocation Largest in 30 Years

Conant High School Recognizes its Class of 2012

Conant High School Recognizes its Class of 2012

Those who once prophesied that our future lies in the hands of underachievers should find hope with the high school class of 2012. Last night Conant High School recognized the highest number of overachievers in its 30-year history with convocation at the school auditorium.

Nearly 40% of the 2012 seniors attained academic achievements in math, the sciences, arts, English, and social studies. Of the 241 students recognized last night, 112 will receive scholarships — totaling more than $4 million — toward higher education.

Principal Tim Cannon proudly states the number is unprecedented and demonstrates these students are different from years past. “This class is defined not just by the economy, but also by their character and integrity,” he says. “These students are driven. If you tell them we may not be able to do something, they’ll come back. They don’t give up. They thoroughly want to make a mark, and that they did.”

In addition to the accolades given by the principal, school staff, and assistant superintendent, president Barack Obama also extended his congratulations through a letter. He emphasized that these students who have met the highest academic standards “…will chart the course of our country’s unwritten history. They have shown a commitment to working hard…and for setting a powerful example of young Americans.”

Special scholarships unique to the school were also announced such as the Carrie Burke Memorial Scholarship and the Laura Engelhardt Memorial Scholarship given by Howard Freedberg, MD, of Suburban Orthopaedics. Engelhardt, a high school senior in 2009, was fatally stabbed along with her father and grandmother and critically injured her mother.

Award breakdown are as follows, with several students receiving multiple scholarships/awards:

• 36 Richard C. Kolze Award for Academic Excellence
• 18 Perfect Attendance
• 37 Conant Academic Achievement Award
• 35 Illinois State Scholars
• 9 Conant Academic Achievement and Illinois State Scholar
• 7 President’s Award and Conant Academic Achievement
• 78 President’s Award, Illinois State Scholars, and Conant Academic Achievement
• 112 Post Secondary Scholarships
• 7 National Merit Commended Students
• 3 National Merit Finalists
• 2 Carrie Burke Memorial Scholarship
• 1 Laura Engelhardt Memorial Scholarship
• 2 Rachel Laird Memorial Scholarship
• 1 Larry Schroeder Memorial Scholarship
• 1 Wrestle for Rossi Memorial Scholarship
• 2 Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship
• 1 Mary Ann Dillon Golden Rule Award
• 1 Conant Band Parent Scholarship
• 13 Conant Booster Club Scholarship
• 2 Local 1211 Teachers’ Union Scholarship
• 26 Department Awards

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