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Red Beatle

I was taking pictures outside, and got a perfectly timed picture of a red beatle. I'm pretty sure I scared it away because it was about to take flight, but it made for a great photo!

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  1. Thank you very much! I appriciated the video, and thank you for the name of the beatle. I love bugs, but never know the names of them.

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  2. Here’s a great link where you can see one in action as well as hear how one sounds when handled:

    Thanks for the video you two!

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  3. Well now Robynne I do believe that this wonderful photo of the “Red Beatle” as you call your masterpiece photo’s a milkweed beetle. If one were to ever be picked up they make a soft screeching noise that’s probably produced by their mouth which sounds a bit funny. I know this from seeing and handling them while finding them on milkweed during my childhood years. Any way, very nice photo indeed! What a perfect angle shot right before he takes off! Thanks for sharing him with us!


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