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Stormwater Commission Approves Local Cost-Share Projects

2012 WMB Project Location Map

2012 WMB Project Location Map

The Lake County Stormwater Management Commission (SMC) Board approved $150,000 in annual Watershed Management Board (WMB) cost-share grants for 16 projects focused on local flood damage reduction, water quality, and stormwater system improvements. This year’s cost-share grants were allocated to 3 municipalities; 2 townships; 6 homeowners associations; 1 each to a school district, park district and drainage district for projects totaling $1.2 million. A grant was also awarded to a contingency of stakeholders in southwestern Lake County to establish a watershed planning group.
“For 20 years SMC has promoted in-the-ground projects and stakeholder-driven initiatives to improve the natural drainage system. Over 200 projects have been completed through the WMB cost-share grants that often provide seed money to get a local government partnership or neighborhood stormwater project going as a cost-effective way to see it through to completion,” said Kurt Woolford, SMC chief engineer.
SMC grants have helped fund over $13 million in projects. SMC pays up to 50 percent of the cost of stormwater projects but in many instances, SMC’s funds leverage more than 50 percent from its project partners.
The following projects were approved in the Fox Lake watershed. SMC staff will provide project support towards each project. See attached project location map.
Village of Round Lake’s Cedar Valley Park Pond Upgrade to Regional Detention Facility
$20,700 SMC grant
$43,400 estimated project cost Preliminary engineering of a regional detention facility in Cedar Valley Park to serve the Village’s downtown area, if feasible, would address ongoing flooding issues and facilitate development of the downtown area.
Slocum Lake Drainage District’s (Unincorporated Lake County/Port Barrington area) Fiddle Creek Stream Maintenance
$9,000 SMC grant
$150,000 estimated project cost Debris and blockage removal and restoration of disturbed areas with native plants and erosion control practices.

1) Village of North Barrington’s Stormwater Resources Inventory and Maintenance Program
$7,800 SMC grant, $16,000 estimated project cost
Inventory and inspect detention basins and conditions of each; summarize maintenance requirements and responsible party; provide technical resources for educating and engaging homeowners associations and property owners on stormwater facility maintenance.
2) Lakeview Villa Homeowners Association’s (Wauconda) Bangs Lake Shoreline Stabilization
$7,370 SMC grant, $30,250 estimated project cost Stabilize shoreline using bioengineering practices and native vegetation.
3) Eagle Ridge Homeowners Association’s (Antioch) Pond Improvements
$5,745 SMC grant, $11,875 estimated project cost
Restore pond’s outlet and improve emergency spillway to control flow into Redwing Marsh and Fox River.

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