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Sudden loud noises can be disturbing to pets.
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Are Thunderstorms Upsetting Your Pet?

When summer thunderstorms roll in, some pets run for cover. If your dog or cat is among those terrified by storms or other sudden, loud … Read more ›

Is your dog scratching more than usual?
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Itchy Skin May Indicate Infection

Itchy skin is a very uncomfortable problem for many pets, and while itching can be caused by obvious culprits, such as fleas, sometimes the source … Read more ›

A tick having a blood meal from this dog.
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Got Ticks?

Do you take your dog to the park? Do you like to walk in the woods or grassy areas? Is there wildlife in your area? … Read more ›

dog in pool2
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Keeping Cool When The Weather Heats Up!

Warm weather is here, time to head outside! There’s nothing more fun than taking your dog for a walk in the summer sun, playing ball … Read more ›

dog in car 3
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Taking Your Pet On Vacation?

With the kids getting out of school for the summer soon, plans for summer vacations are probably already in the works. If you are considering … Read more ›

dog on grass
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Lawn Tips For Dog Owners

Many pet owners are frustrated when, despite countless hours of fertilizing, weeding, and seeding, their lawn is riddled with brown spots, holes, and severely pruned … Read more ›

Lazer, an eight-year-old Sheltie, visits with a young patient at Northwest Community Hospital (NCH). The Animal-Assisted Therapy program at NCH is comprised of specially trained dogs like Lazer, and their adult owners, who visit with hospital patients, bringing comfort and companionship. Now, NCH is recruiting dog and owner teams to expand this popular program. Training sessions will be held this summer to prepare qualified teams for hospital visits. For more information and an application, visit
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Northwest Community Hospital seeks lovable dogs to expand Animal-Assisted Therapy

At Northwest Community Hospital (NCH), you’re likely to spot a few volunteers that you wouldn’t expect to see at the Arlington Heights hospital. Yes, these … Read more ›

Heartworms can grow up to 12 to 14 inches in length.
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Don't Get Stung By Heartworm Disease

Mosquito season is buzzing. Mosquitoes' itchy bites are not only annoying for humans and animals alike, but they also have the potential to transmit life-threatening … Read more ›

Exercise is a great way to celebrate the bond you share with your pet!
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Fun Ways To Celebrate National Pet Week

Pets enrich our lives every day and are wonderful companions. To help celebrate National Pet Week, May 6th through May 12th, here are a few … Read more ›

Parrots pic
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Birds Need Social Interaction, Too!

It is all too common that you walk into a pet store and see a cockatiel alone in a cage, or a single, breathtaking blue-and-yellow … Read more ›