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Shirley Trujillo of Schaumburg says her mother Lousie Cox is the most beautiful, loving mother ever. Trujillo believes her mom's love she has shown her, her five sisters and two brothers shows in the people they are today  Their mom has shown them anything is possible as long as you have your family and faith. When Trujillo's son was born, she knew she would be a good mom because she was given the best example of what it was to be a great mom. She learned that love knows no boundaries and stretches to become strong and unconditional. The rest of Trujillo's life she'll be inspired and grateful by her mom's example of selfless love, right up until the end. "Thank you, Mom for being you," Trujillo says. (Photo submitted by Shirley Trujillo)

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It was a cold opening day for Villa Park's youth baseball league. (Photo submitted by Al Stasch)

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Baby Bella sees her reflection in the bathtub. (Photo submitted by John Rothlisberger)

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earth boy 1
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Happy Earth Day!!!

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Kim and Khloe Kardashian. (Heather Leszczewicz/TribLocal)

Kardashians take over Woodfield

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Clancy, a 2-year-old Soft Coat Irish Wheaton Terrier jumps for joy now that spring is here. (Photo submitted by Russ Meyer)

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Gross me Out!   Part Deux                     Photo by Plainfield Public Library
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Gross Me Out! Part Deux