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Plainfield and Waste Management to install high-tech solar-powered trash compactors in Village

One of Plainfield's new solar-powered trash compactors from Waste Management.

One of Plainfield's new solar-powered trash compactors from Waste Management.

Plainfield, IL — The Village of Plainfield and Waste Management will install eight high-tech solar-powered waste containers around the Village that when filled send a signal to be collected. The containers will be located in Settlers’ Park and around Downtown Plainfield.

“It is always a pleasure to work with Waste Management, their new solar-powered trash containers are a great way for Plainfield to provide an anti-litter program that helps keep our community clean and beautiful and keeps our costs down,” said Mayor Collins. “The fact that the containers are fitted with technology that sends an electronic message to empty them when they are full helps reduce the number of collection trips we have to make and improves our efficiency.”

The new fully-enclosed bins compact garbage using power generated from built-in solar panels. The units are about the same size as a standard 35-gallon trash container and by compacting waste provide more capacity than traditional receptacles. In fact, the unit can hold five times as much garbage as a traditional bin.

“Traditional bins used in public venues can overflow leaving unsightly litter, particularly at locations that attract large numbers of people,” said Mike Morley, municipal marketing manager for Waste Management. “Our goal is to help Plainfield reduce public litter and lower expenses.”

The compactors have sensors that recognize when the units are full and signal an internal compactor to flatten the contents. A unit will compact 180 gallons of waste into easy-to-collect bags. When full, a wireless system signals that the unit is ready to be serviced. This cuts the need for trash pickups by up to 80 percent.

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