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Profound Spiritual Mystic Offers Uniquely Powerful Messages


There is a Spiritual Mystic who offers profound insights into human nature and the cosmos itself. When you sit and hear him speak, you wonder where he got all his wisdom. He will smile and tell you he doesn't have wisdom, he is simply reflecting Spirit. His name is Tod Cage, and he lives and teaches in Naperville.

Tod hosts a weekly group called The Spiritual Forum that can be found through the popular site People come from all the surrounding suburbs and Chicago to hear the message, be healed, sit in peaceful presence, and engage in discussion afterwards. His talks are a respite from the stress of everyday life, and a chance to deeply evaluate the true self. Although Tod’s teachings are accessible, he exudes an aura of mystery, deep profoundness, and wisdom that will not go unnoticed. He is also very funny!

Many people go on long quests to find an exotic guru, but that is not necessary. You can join Tod here and now, and experience what it is to sit with an enlightened being. This is an invitation to crack the door of the inner self, and take a peek inside. Tod says, “If you find the place where you are from, the Cosmos will pour forth and submerge you like sacred water from a timeless vessel!”

People seeking spiritual growth, healing, and answers will find an endless source of spirit, peace and acceptance with this teacher.

“To contact the vast and infinite expanse you must go inward—not outward. Do you want an access door? Come to my Forum,” invites Tod.

For information on The Spiritual Forum, visit

For information on the Spiritual Teachings of Tod Cage, visit

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