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Spiritual Message Event with Tod Cage on Self-Realization


“To contact the vast and infinite expanse you must go inward—not outward. Do you want an access door? Come to my Event,” invites Tod.

Come join this Spiritual Gathering with Tod Cage, a rare Enlightened Master. Tod's modern approach to the Spiritual is a must for anyone considering the deeper searching of life. Many people go on long quests to find an exotic guru, but that is not necessary. You can unite with Tod here and now. Experience the Peace and joy of sitting with an enlightened one!

This is a truly rare invitation to crack the door of the inner self, and take a peek inside.Tod says, “If you find the place where you are from, the Cosmos will pour forth and submerge you like sacred water from a timeless vessel!" Experience the Peace and Spiritual power of your inner world; the blessings of Self mastery await you!

Visit for attendance reservations

Price: $15 in advance, $17 at the door

Location: Naperville 95th Street Library

Special Note: There will also be loving spiritual trinkets including incense and jewelry offered at the Event. All items will carry a blessing with them.

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