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Rescued Dog Has to Have Emergency C-Section

These are the two Babies that Survived

These are the two Babies that Survived


We are in desperate need of donations. Yesterday we had an American Bulldog momma we rescued, go in for an emergency C-Section. She had 14 puppies and a C-section was necessary to save her life and the puppies. Unfortunately we were only able to save 2 of the puppies. But at least momma and the 2 puppies were saved. Our regular vet was unable to do the procedure so we had to use another vet and received no discount. Her total bill was $1348.00! We had $625 in our rescue account and our Vice President had to take a cash advance to pay for the rest of the bill. Now we have no funds and still have a $4,000 bill at our regular vet and a $700 bill at Naperville Animal Hospital.

We are drowning in vet bills and really need your help. We are 501c3 so ALL donations are 100% tax deductible. Please visit our website at and click on any donate button to use paypal, credit/debit card or bank account. You can also call in a donation directly to our vet Timberline Animal Hospital at 815-729-1555. PLEASE HELP US!!!

We save so many lives that no one else will and we really need help so we can continue saving more hard luck cases like this pregnant momma! I have attached pictures of the momma, the two babies (Thelma and Louise) and also Freddy, the one that was saved from death at Naperville Animal Hospital and that is why we have a bill there! Any amount helps!!!

Thank you for caring!!!
Jill Kerzisnik

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