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Tell Springfield NO to backdoor tax on counties, cities

District 5 Board Members

In an effort to balance their oversized and underfunded budget, some State lawmakers are now threatening to cut the local government share of the state income tax. We believe it amounts to a backdoor tax hike on cities, towns and counties. Here’s why.

The Local Government Distributive Fund was established in 1969. The state agreed to collect income taxes and share them with local governments based on population. Many people may not realize that when the General Assembly passed its 67 percent income tax hike in January, the local share was cut from 10 percent down to 6 percent. With the governor’s proposal, Will County and its local municipalities stand to lose more than $22 million! Will County would lose over $2.4 million and the Village of Plainfield would lose nearly $1 million. This is money used to pay for police, fire, health and transportation needs. It’s not fluff.

The results would be disastrous. Some taxing bodies would have no choice but to raise their local property taxes in order to maintain safety and services. This would hit seniors and those on fixed incomes the hardest, but everyone would share the pain.
We can only hope lawmakers are bluffing. Let’s do more than that. Please call your state representative and state senator to vote NO on cuts to the Local Government Distributive Fund. And, call Gov. Pat Quinn at 217-782-0244. For additional information, please see our website at


Lee Ann Goodson (R-Plainfield)
Brian J. Smith (R-Plainfield)
John Argoudelis (R-Plainfield)

Will County Board Members, District 5

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