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Trustees dunk plans for a Dunkin Donuts

Plans for a Dunkin Donuts at the corner of routes 59 and 126 in Plainfield have been rejected after complaints from some nearby residents.

Trustees voted 4-3 to reject a proposal for a Dunkin Donuts, with a 24 hour drive through, at the southeast corner of the intersection. The proposal, which came under fire from neighboring residents, had narrowly passed the village’s planning and zoning commission proposal before being rejected by the Village Board.

“To turn away these (sales tax) dollars for no good reason makes no sense to me,” said local developer Carl Bryant, adding the village already has a high vacancy rate among downtown buildings.

Bryant said he was caught off guard by the April 2 decision, which did not include any discussion by trustees.

“I am going to review my options,” Bryant said.

Village President Mike Collins, who cast the tie-breaking vote on the issue, said he opposed the proposal because of concerns about traffic on Route 126.

“I’m all for filling up the buildings,” Collins said. “But this is not the proper place for a drive thru.”

Other trustees, however, supported the proposal.  Trustee Margie Bonuchi echoed Bryant’s surprise that the decision came with no discussion or even questions for the developer himself.

“I didn’t see a lot of reason not to (support it),” she said. “It seemed like it was a fair use.

She added she was a “little disappointed” that the village would be loosing out on potential sales tax dollars and hoped that Bryant would be able to lure another retail user to the site.

Also on April 2, village trustees backed a proposal that would allow for a hot dog cart within the village. Trustees said the mobile cart would have to stay on private property and obtain all the necessary permits from the county’s health department. Final approval from trustees is expected later this month.

Plainfield resident Jeff Rice plans to run the hot dog stand – Mighty Dawg — throughout the summer. Rice, a former chef and caterer, said he is working on securing various locations for his business.

His menu will feature hot dogs and a few speciality dogs – such as a hot dog topped with mac and cheese — as well as chips and soda. He plans to move his cart around town and keep fans aware of his location through twitter and Facebook.

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