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How to Create a Kid-Friendly Move

Moving into a new home is certainly not child’s play. The change brings with it a lot of emotions, particularly for families moving with children. … Read more ›

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How to Maximize Your Relationship with Your Realtor

You have decided to buy or sell a home, and you have hired a real estate agent, but do you fully grasp how crucial your … Read more ›

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Want to Buy a Home? Prepare Now to Buy Later.

A home is one of the most significant investments you will make in your lifetime. Therefore, purchasing a home is an exercise that requires preparation, … Read more ›

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Looking to Buy a Vacation Home?

For many, a vacation means a weekend at the lake, flying to a warmer climate, or even skiing in the mountains. However, as work schedules … Read more ›

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Tech Savvy House Hunting

Most of us barely have enough time in our busy lives to complete everyday tasks, so adding the process of house hunting to packed schedules … Read more ›

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Thinking About Joint Home Ownership?

Whether you’re newlyweds, best friends or relatives, sharing a home purchase requires making many compromises. Decisions such as the location of the home and financial … Read more ›

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Maximize Your Garage as a Selling Point for Your Home

When selling your home, your garage can be an attractive part of the overall package you offer buyers. Too often, however, the space is not … Read more ›

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Downsize your home for an increase in amenities

Downsizing is becoming increasingly common among American homeowners, but you can make the experience your own by embracing it. A recent survey by the National … Read more ›

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Choosing a home that will suit your growing family

Change is an inevitable part of life – and a family is no exception. For example, the home that is perfect for newlyweds may feel … Read more ›

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Maximize your home renovations

ROI is rapidly becoming an important acronym in home renovations, with sellers realizing the benefits that return on investment can have to the value of … Read more ›