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Art Exploration at Southwest Christian School

Written By: Bob VanderLaan - Southwest Christian Oak Lawn Principal

Southwest Chicago Christian School in Oak Lawn recently celebrated Creative Exploration Night. Students in grades Preschool through 5th grade had the opportunity to learn about various artists and art forms. Students saw the work of Pollock, Seurat, Mondrian, VanGogh, Michelangelo, Lawrence and Matisse. They had fun imitating the work of each artist, such as laying on their backs and painting as if they were working on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and splattering paint on a large canvas like Pollack.

After these experiences, students and families could learn art skills from a few of our parents. Barb Bolhuis demonstrated the intracies of quilting and Joseph Gawron painted pictures using various media. A grandparent, Ken Schutt showed students how to make clay sculptures and gave each student an opportunity to make their own sculpture. Students also had the opportunity to watch China Harris, a student at Chicago Christian High School, create beautiful charcoal paintings.

The evening ended with ice cream sundaes and fellowship. Students learned a lot about art, had a chance to try various art forms, and parents enjoyed watching their children and spending time together as a Christian learning community.

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