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In Miami Beach they keep seagulls off the boardwalk by stringing fishwire above the boardwalk. Maybe that would work under the viaducts. Read more ›

Momma Cuisine at WGN Midday News for the Lunchbreak segment.
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Momma Cuisine: Visiting WGN Midday News

Last Wednesday April 11, 2012, I was a guest on the WGN Midday News Lunchbreak segment with anchor Dina Biar, showcasing some of my Great … Read more ›

Chicago Tribune endorsements for the Illinois House

78th District: Michael Nardello is running as an outsider against an incumbent who was tapped by the Democratic establishment to fill this seat in 2010. … Read more ›

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Oak Park memories

Remember Marshall Field, Gilmore, Walker Brothers, Lyttons, etc, etc etc. Oak park, the greatest shopping district West of the Loop. Today, it's pop corn, used … Read more ›

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Who says we can’t innovate and create clean energy jobs?

The Clean Energy Trust, which is a Chicago-based trust created to accelerate clean tech start-ups in the Midwest, hosted their 2nd annual Clean Energy Challenge … Read more ›

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Meyerson for Judge

To: Letter to the Editor From:Colette Lueck – Village of Oak Park TrusteeRay Johnson – Village of Oak Park Trustee Date:March 2, 2012 RE:Pamela McLean … Read more ›

Back Talk: Talkin’ ’bout my generation

TribLocal and The Mash, the Chicago Tribune’s weekly newspaper and website serving teenagers in the city and suburbs, recently asked area high school students about … Read more ›

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Gospel Choir Changes Attitudes; Lifts Everyone’s Spirits

Feeling sad with the advent of cold, dark days? Do snow flurries chill your soul as well as your nose? If you said “yes!” (or … Read more ›

The 2011 Community Awards for Excellence in Learning and Leadership.
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Nominations sought for the 2012 Concordia-Chicago Community Awards for Excellence

Concordia University Chicago seeks nominations of outstanding area leaders who have contributed significantly to quality of life and education in our Near West suburbs, through … Read more ›

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Hey, Wall Street Occupiers – there's enough blame to go around

I know a lot of people who are facing serious financial trials and tribulations that would make teeth grind in the most pacifistic Wall Street … Read more ›