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Recycled Cans for Recycled Pets

Everyone seems to be struggling these days, which not only makes it more difficult to get donations, but it also makes it more difficult to ask for them. Even though we know our animals are worthy of a tremendous amount of funding, it is hard to ask people for money we know they may not have. To that end, the ACL is constantly looking for ways to raise money without putting a huge dent in our supporters wallets. Our newest program is Recycling Cans for Recycled Pets and we are hoping all of our communities will join us.

The ACL is simply asking for your aluminum cans so we can turn them into money for our animals. Just drop them off at the shelter and we will do the rest. While there isn’t alot of extra money these days, there are big hearts willing to do a little extra for these wonderful animals and we need your help. And don’t hesitate to make this fun. Tell your neighbors and start a team. Every week or two a different person can collect all the cans from your team and bring them to the shelter. This would make collection more efficient and gets more people involved. You can also see the animals you are helping while you are here.

We know separating your aluminum cans is an extra step and may be a little inconvenient, but we are asking you to make this small sacrifice to change an animals life forever. These funds are vital for us to continue to help the thousands of animals we care for each year.

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