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Oak Park Harrison Arts District

If you don't live in Southeast Oak Park or if you missed the What's Blooming on Harrison Street Art Festival on May 21, you may not be very familiar with a particular business district in Oak Park aside from downtown Oak Park. It's certainly a different sort of district than the one downtown. You won't find Starbucks or a movie theater here, but you will find, among other things, an acupuncture clinic, artist studios, a healthy pet food store, a yoga studio, a Buddhist temple, and longtime neighborhood fixtures such as Buzz Cafe.

If you guessed that these are smaller establishments than the ones downtown, you'd be correct. Patronizing these stores and restaurants is also a wonderful way to support local artists and businesses, and I encourage anyone who has the desire to support local businesses and who has not already explored the Arts District to check out this charming, friendly strip of Harrison Street between Austin and Ridgeland.

In the coming months, I'll focus on individual businesses. If you'd like your business profiled here on TribLocal, please contact me via email at amy at greeninoakpark dot com.

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