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Promoting Literacyand Fighting Discrimination and Biases in Early Childhood

As schools and youth organizations across the country deal with the devastating effects of bullying, A local company, Treasure Literacy is fighting biases and discrimination by different means: literacy and the creative arts.

Last month Treasure Literacy conducted a unique program at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center to teach youth(ages 3-7 years old)about accepting other points of view through creative dramatic storytelling. The program used playacting techniques to tell the story of the Three Pigs from the pigs perspective AND the wolf's perspective. The storytelling and creative drama program led to conversations and understanding about the participants own feelings and the expereince of those different from them. The unique approach of Treasure Literacy is to blend creative storytelling with learning tools to enhance comprehension. Founder and president of the company, Susan Field stated "If we can create kinder and more caring children at this early age, we will be making a kinder more caring world for tomorrow." Treasure Literacy programs are in the process of being instituted in preschools all over the country.
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