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Northbrook "Super Senior" Honored

GLENVIEW, IL — Paul Spanier of Northbrook, Illinois was honored as a “Super Senior” at the North Shore Senior Center on Thursday, May 24, 2012 for his contributions to Historic Wagner Farm in Glenview. Spanier was among 48 seniors recognized for their volunteer efforts at the 39th Annual Super Senior Day celebration hosted by NSSC and sponsored by Whitehall of Deerfield Healthcare Center.

The celebration included a luncheon served by the 7th grade students of Saints Faith, Hope & Charity, entertainment by the Musical Revue, and an award ceremony where representatives of NSSC presented each honoree with a certificate and Super Senior pin in appreciation of their contributions to their community.

Spanier has been a longtime supporter and volunteer of Wagner Farm. His involvement with the farm began nearly a decade ago as a founding member of the Friends of Wagner Farm, the official support group for Historic Wagner Farm.

Since then, Spanier has been involved in all facets of the farm’s operation from securing donations through Illinois Tool Works, recruiting new volunteers, and organizing tour groups to growing and harvesting crops, overseeing the planting and care of the kitchen garden, and restoring antique farm equipment. In addition to his wide-ranging involvement and many hours of dedicated service over the years, Spanier has been a leader, mentor, and friend to many Wagner Farm volunteers and staff members.

The unwavering support and commitment of Spanier and the more than 2,000 Super Seniors honored by NSSC over the years serves as inspiration to all and exemplifies the true and honest spirit of volunteerism. Without them, organizations such as Wagner Farm would not be the beloved community treasures that they are today.

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