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Good-bye power-sprays!

Power-sprays or "applying insecticide on one's roof using high-pressure delivery system" is going into history books. In mine, it goes into the "scams" chapter because, in my opinion, it was! Well…let's learn, in 5 minutes, what they were, why and why no more:

Customers invaded by wasps, boxelder bugs or silverfish were given the opportunity to have a power-spray done instead of regular treatments which were…surprise…much less expensive. A power-spray will set you back at least $350, with most customers paying about $550 for the useless procedure. Of course, I'm not blaming the customers, they don't know any better…

If you paid attention to your chemistry class you'll remember that every chemical reaction is like algebra where something equals something else. Now, if you paid attention to your algebra class, you'll remember that in any equation, messing with the terms left of the equal sign will cause a reaction to the right of the equal sign. For example…a=b. Well…you put something next to "a" and "b" will be affected! In plain English…insecticides (a) are supposed to kill (=) bugs (b). Back to chemistry…you know that heat changes things so the sun will cause reaction in the insecticide laid down on the roof. Ok you say…but let's say we're in Bangladesh where it rains 2 hours and 362 days per year…In that case is even worse…power-sprays are still useless as water will wash off your "a"! So if it rains or is sunny…your insecticide on the roof will be affected. Why do you think smart people advise you not to buy vitamins stored on the highest shelf, closer to the ceiling lights, ei? Good companies now sell vitamins in light-blocking bottles…Raw potatoe has a glucose factor and same raw potatoe, cooked, will have a higher glucose factor because of…heat!

So, power-sprays are a waste of chemical and money and time and the government decided to kind of ban them :)) Wait…is not that easy…See, the government says no chemical bought after Jan 01, 2012 could be applied like crazy on people's roofs but…but…you guessed…the pest control companies found a way to go around it. How? Glad you asked hahahahah: they bought the insecticide, by truckloads…before Jan 01, 2012 so they will continue to perform power-sprays without breaking the law. Now…will the insecticide still work? Of course, like before, very badly hahahahhaha .Sun and rain, remember?

Why people would fall for the "power-spray is necessary for your property" sales pitch? Well…wasps nesting under the roof shingles for example, but people forgot to notice the hell we get from wasps comes from nests 10 feet and less from the ground so if the nest is all the way up on roof's peak…who cares? They won't come after you and they, the wasps, will be belly up around November anyway so why would you spray the whole roof, with insecticide gone within weeks (rain and sun)…why would you do that? Because an "expert in pest control" told you to? Listen good…salesmen are experts but in selling not in wasps! Don't let your fear of wasps or who knows what turn you into a prime candidate to be taken advantage of. Information is money…and chemistry I still hate even today.

PS Some customers swear on the Bible that power-spray worked and they had no wasps that year! Duh…don't you know insects come in yearly waves? This year we might have ants going bananas, and wasps, since in 2011 they were not that violent…One year is this, next year is that and so on-life is not very predictable and so don't praise insecticides and useless procedures unless you know the insect's habits…you might be wasting your praises…And some pest control companies will surely have a problem with me bad-mouthing power-sprays so I won't say anymore that, in my opinion, power-sprays are a big waste of chemical and time. The problem is…how big is the chemical stockpile pest control companies have? will they continue to perform power-sprays for years to come, despite of the law? And…why is the law so dumb as to say, chemical "a" is bad on people's roofs if bought on Jan 01 but the same chemical is fine on people's roofs if bought on Dec 31? Is it wasteful or not? Well…I guess it depends on the meaning of the word "is" hahahahahaha. Friends…don't let friends have power-sprays…it is silly…

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