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Westmoor, Greenbriar Students Learn Safety Tips During On-Bike Class

"How do you show that you're going to turn left? How about stopping?" Liz Clarkson, a bike safety instructor, asked a group of Westmoor students about to complete an on-bike safety course. "You want to make sure that you're always telling the cars what you're going to do."
The students motioned to the left for their left turn and then used their arms to form a 90 degree angle, fingers pointing towards the ground, to signal a stop.
Westmoor School and Greenbriar School students learned how to navigate crosswalks and driveways, make sure their bikes are well-maintained, and adjust their helmets in a bike safety mini-class during Bike Safety Day June 1.
Volunteered led students through a helmet fit, bicycle “ABC quick-check,” and on-bike course during the class presented by the Active Transportation Alliance. The event was sponsored by Westmoor PTO and Greenbriar PTO, the Northbrook Bicycle Club, Inc, George Garner Cyclery, and the Northbrook Bicycle Task Force.
At Westmoor, the children had the opportunity to meet two Team TIBCO women's professional cyclists who are participating in the following weekend’s Glencoe Grand Prix.

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