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Ces't Magnifique!  A children's play table and chairs -- perfect for any child! This table was painted by Christopher Beja of Tinley Park
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More Auction Items! 4th Annual Spring Arts Festival

White Flower by Denise Reidl, Artist
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2012 Spring Arts Festival Auction Items

Delectable desserts at the 2011 Spring Arts Festival
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Spring Arts Festival photographs

By Roy Lobenhofer. This was taken head on in order to allow the entire flower to be in focus. It was taken in very low light with a tripod and low ISO.
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Photographing Spring Flowers

The Gourd Family (From left to right - Boo, Finch, Nick & Sally) Mommy is responsible for Boo & Finch and Emma was the creator of Nick & Sally.    Submitted by Jennifer & Emma Hofmann of Lindenhurst.

Pumpkins on parade: Your gorgeous gourds

Steve Zasadny, Lemont "Big Red Meets Big Orange" Awd Sm Color A
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FCC July Press Release and February Award/Honorable Mention Images

Selena Gomez answered questions in front of a crowd of roughly 1,200 Sunday at Orland Square mall. (Photos by Anne Halston)

Selena Gomez to crowd: ‘I do everything for you guys’

Steve Svalina FCC  2011Sm Color A Print of the Year "Sunrise Over Jasper Pulaski"
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FCC Print Of The Year Awards

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The Drama Group presents Neil Simon's – BILOXI BLUES