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Beneficiary In Annuities and IRAs

Question: My uncle died and left me an annuity. How hard are they to cash in and what do I have to do to get … Read more ›

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The Difference The Media Makes

It was August 24, 2011, a little more than a week after the stock market hit bottom that I wrote here that fellow market watcher … Read more ›

Alden of Waterford Continuing Care Retirement Community’s Dale, 100, and Doris, 91, Chatfield, are still very much in love after 73 years of marriage. The Chatfields are the longest married couple living in Illinois.
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Longest Married Couple Still in Love 73 Years Later

Alden of Waterford Continuing Care Retirement Community’s Dale, 100, and Doris, 91, Chatfield were recently recognized for 73 years of marriage by the State of … Read more ›

Center for Lifelong Learning 2
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Want to learn how to use watercolors? Uncertain what to do in an emergency?

Do you want to learn how to sketch with pencil and watercolors? Interested in impact of women in the Civil War? How to prepare for … Read more ›

The courses are highly interactive discussions of intriguing topics led by Benedictine University and Moser College faculty, visiting experts and center members.
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Interested in current events? Using social media to connect with family? Business?

Are you interested in what is happening around the world? How to reconnect with family and friends through social media? Developing a successful business plan? … Read more ›

Rhoda Ponds, 82, lights the menorah at Alden of Waterford Rehabilitation and Health Care Center’s Hanukkah Celebration. Rhoda is a long-term resident who has lived on the continuing care campus for several years.
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Alden of Waterford Celebrates Hanukkah with Rehab Patients

More than 20 people recently attended a Hanukkah Celebration at Alden of Waterford Rehabilitation and Health Care Center. The event featured traditional kosher Hanukkah foods … Read more ›

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Dean Martins Holiday Event

Dinner & Show Read more ›

The Center for Lifelong Learning at Benedictine University's Moser College is offering a variety of classes to senior citizens.
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Interested in how to use your computer? Curious about famous battles? Dreams?

Want to learn more about how to use your personal computer? The detailed events of the Battle of the Bulge? How to extend your “dream … Read more ›

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Senior Star at Weber Place Premier Sponsor of Walk to End Alzheimer's – Joliet

Senior Star at Weber Place was the Premier Sponsor at the October 1, 2011 Walk to End Alzheimer's – Joliet. The Weber Tema had 27 … Read more ›

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Assisting Hands® to Cosponsor Naperville Long-Term Care Informational Workshop

Naperville-based Assisting Hands® Home Care on October 5, 2011 is co-sponsoring a a FREE informational workshop entitled “LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE –an Essential Part of … Read more ›