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Emeritus English Professor David McGrath
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College of DuPage Races Backwards: Can Trustees Stop Runaway Train?

Last week I toured the newly built facilities at College of DuPage. They were beautiful. They cost $50 million. They were mostly empty. It was … Read more ›

Momma Cuisine at WGN Midday News for the Lunchbreak segment.
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Momma Cuisine: Visiting WGN Midday News

Last Wednesday April 11, 2012, I was a guest on the WGN Midday News Lunchbreak segment with anchor Dina Biar, showcasing some of my Great … Read more ›

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Obama is unprecedented in setting precedents as Federal Appeals Court orders explanation

Let me get this straight, President Barack Obama thinks it would be unprecedented for the Supreme Court to find a law unconstitutional, right? In particular, … Read more ›

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Should Corporations Have Free Speech?

Corporation Free Speech (Citizens United), Are You For or Against? In January 2010, the Supreme Court had a landmark ruling stating that Corporations should be … Read more ›

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Safety Concerns for the IVF Clinic

March 21, 2012To the editor:I am writing this letter in concern for the IVF clinic that is trying to go up here in our downtown … Read more ›

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Naperville Fertility Clinic

Dear Editor, There is currently a proposal to build a fertility clinic on the corner of Washington and Benton in Naperville. The proposal was recently … Read more ›

For the Illinois Senate

25th District: Humbled by past defeats for high-profile offices, Republican dairy magnate Jim Oberweis of Sugar Grove has dialed back his famously abrasive style and … Read more ›

For the Illinois House

42nd District: It’s a close call between the two best candidates in this Republican contest of four like-minded conservatives. As former legislative staffers, Chris Hage, … Read more ›

Carole Cheney

For the Illinois House

84th District: Democrat Carole Cheney impressed us in her 2010 run for DuPage County Board chairman. “We’re glad to see her in the race,” we … Read more ›

For the Illinois House

81st District: Few public officials walk the walk like Republican Sen. Ron Sandack, of Downers Grove. Appointed in 2010, he has declined state pension and … Read more ›