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Five Gifts of the Muse (c) Peter M. Steeves, 2012
From the community

Dreamscape in Blue Opens in Loop

Troy Smith, Shannon
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Fundraising Face-Off At Sullivan's A Success

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Spring Chicago Art Event

"St Patrick's Day", watercolor/casein,  22x30
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"St. Patrick's Day" by Rick Clubb Studio

Doug Orlyk, Zach Gibson, Anthony Berg and Ken Ball in "The Boys Next Door".
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"The Boys Next Door" at Geneva Underground Playhouse

By Roy Lobenhofer. This was taken head on in order to allow the entire flower to be in focus. It was taken in very low light with a tripod and low ISO.
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Photographing Spring Flowers

"Night in the Forest"
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Alison's Stained Glass

Naperville North student Christine Spielman paints a mural on the fourth-floor stairwell of the Van Buren parking garage. North students chose a theme of positive identity. (Submitted by Timm Etters)

Students depict empowerment, positive identity in downtown mural

Photo by Aaron Hoge. Élan dancers pose with artist Jözef Sumichrast. From l to r: Back line: Maddie Jordan, Elizabeth Gormley, Megan Malone, Lindsay Gloor, Jözef Sumichrast, Hannah Heise, Alexa Digrindakis, Sydney Chan. Front: Victoria Lee, Katie Munro, Katie Houge.
From the community

Naperville's Élan Dance Company performs String Theory